SchedExpert is the most powerful school scheduling system available.

Build your master schedule, and schedule student course requests, teachers and rooms in a matter of minutes.


Administrators are guided through the entire scheduling process. Experienced and new VPs can dive straight in and achieve a good schedule in little time.

SchedExpert analyzes the data and reports possible conflicts and errors. In depth reports give experienced users the tools to make decisions and produce the best master schedule.

Other features include:

  • Handling quartered schedules, 14 day cycles, 26 periods days, multi-period classes, rotating schedules, tight room restrictions, non-curricular courses and many other complexities.
  • Printing student, teacher and master schedules.
  • Trying different scenarios without re-entering data.
  • Visual cues draw your attention to potential errors.
  • Seasoned users can control each step of the scheduling process.